Successful Engagements :

Summit has completed successful engagements for the world’s leading investment banks, asset managers, mutual fund companies, trust companies, real estate developers, and real estate investment companies. We’ve led FP&Athrough successful projects with budgets ranging from $50,000to $1.5 billion.We have significant experience providing business solutions to firms in the U.S. and worldwide.

Technology Consulting San Francisco
Technology Consulting San Francisco

Our standardized processes work across all industries and functional groups.

Franklin Templeton Investments

Problem:Franklin Templeton needed to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a U.S. law designed to prevent tax evasion by U.S. citizens and residents through use of offshore accounts.

Solution: Summit defined and implemented global cross-functional projects, focusing IT, compliance, transfer agent, sales, investment management, accounting, marketing, operations, investment management, legal, and compliance. We managed teams across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Deliverables: Enterprise-wide impact assessment, vendor management, execution of 52 projects and accompanying enterprise-wide change-management initiative.

Outcome: The client established a centralized governance committee, global operating model, and technology platform, and became FATA compliant.

Mitsubishi Unified Financial Group

Problem: Mitsubishi Unified needed to comply with the Dodd Frank Act by creating a separately capitalized U.S. Intermediate Holding Company (IHC) to hold all U.S. bank and nonbank subsidiaries.

Solution: Summit created a new IHC legal entity; established a governance committee; and developedan operating model with checks and balances for U.S. based treasury, finance, and risk reporting. We established a PMO; structured teams; and implemented the IHC target operating model across treasury, IT, finance, and risk and compliance.

Deliverables:Workshops, impact assessment, project plans, monitoring and reporting infrastructure, and IT architecture.

Outcome: Mitsubishi Unified established a more centralized operating model anda new technology platform, and became Dodd Frank compliant.

BNP Paribas

Problem: BNP Paribas needed to achieve compliance with the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR). The CCAR ensures that financial institutions have 1) robust, forward-looking capital-planning processes that account for their unique risks and 2) sufficient capital to maintain operations in times of economic and financial stress.

Solution: Developed centralized Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review regulatory reporting, including an enterprise-wide data-governance model, business-intelligence tools, database, and infrastructure.

Deliverables: Impact assessment, project plans, monitoring and reporting infrastructure, budgets, financial reporting templates, PMO tools, and implementation management.

Outcome: BNP Paribas integrated a number of legal entities and established a data governance and data management infrastructure.


Problem: BlackRock needed to comply with new federal regulations requiring comprehensive, consistent performance and fee reporting on its investment products.

Solution: Summit worked with legal, investment management, defined contribution, fund accounting, marketing, and technology to develop an enterprise-wide strategy to conform to performance and fee reporting requirements.

Deliverables: Impact Assessment and Project Plan

Outcome: BlackRockachieved compliance by establishing a consistent approach to fee and performance reporting.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Problem: Wells Fargo Bank purchased Wachovia National Bank in the largest banking merger in U.S. history and needed to integrate the two companies’ technology, real estate, fixed assets, and people.

Solution: Summit developed plans and executed a $1.5 billion integration budget, spanning all of the company’s lines of business. We completed strategic planning, program structuring, process engineering, reporting, and development, and facilitatedintegrationof strategy, FP&A, finance, accounting, operational, and executive team.

Deliverables: Project Plan, Database, Forecasting and Actual Reports

Outcome: Most successful Banking Merger in US History

Wells Fargo Advantage Fund

Problem: Concurrent with the merger described above, Wells Fargo Advantage Fund needed to integrate its fund-management group with Wachovia Bank’s fund-management group.

Solutions: We developed strategy and implementation plans to execute the $452 billion fund-management merger, including merging legal entities, fund accounting, performance reporting, governance, marketing, and regulatory filings.
Deliverables: Project Plan, Templates and completed Project Artifacts

Outcome: Achieved what industry professionals view as the most successful merger inU.S. banking history.

Union Bank

Problem: Union Bankneeded to complete an SAS70 Audit of its Institutional Trust and Advisory Group.

Solution: Summitmanaged a comprehensive pre-audit of the company’s Institutional Trust and Advisory department, reviewing the department’s operational procedures, client account holdings, and account record keeping.

Deliverables: Process Flow Diagram and Audit Report

Outcome: The company passed the SAS70 Audit.

Toll Brothers

Problem: Toll Brothers wanted to expand into new markets with new products.

Solution: We completed a strategic analysis, deal sourcing and financial structuring for the acquisition, and development of $300 millionin multi-family real estate nationwide. We were responsiblefor raising and structuring financing, valuation, obtaining political approvals and entitlements, assembling team members, and completing developments valued at between $30 million and $200 million.

Deliverables: $300 million dollars in constructed and sold out developments

Outcome: Toll Brothers succeeded in establishing itself in new markets with new products.

Tishman Speyer

Problem: Tishman Speyer wanted to refine its mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Solution: Summitrestructured the company’s acquisition process, including steering committee formation, acquisition-analysis-package formation, and financial modeling templates.

Deliverables: New Acquisition Model and Planning Documents

Outcome: Tishman Speyer streamlined its due diligence and acquisition process.

Charities Housing

Problem: Charities housing wanted to execute its growth strategy.

Solution: We helped the company raise funding and source/close acquisitions for expansion; coordinated with various government agencies to gain approval and funding; and completed deal sourcing, land entitlement, permitting, financial analysis, bond structuring, and design work. Once projects were approved, we helped the client contract with a third-party business partner and complete land development, construction, and sale/lease of units.

Deliverables: 300 completed units

Outcome: Charities Housinggrew its portfolio by 40%

State Street Bank and Trust

Problem: State Street’sAnti-money Laundering and OFAC Sanctions groups were facing federal-compliance issues.

Solution: Summitworked across State Street’s business and technology groups to help the company transform its global AML and Sanctions groups, completinga current-state assessment and gap analysis and executing across business and technology.

Deliverables: governance structures, committee formation, business and technology future-state architecture, training, risk reporting structure, and detailed process flows. Created departmental SharePoint site and database.

Solution: State Streetgained AML and Sanctions compliance.

Carlyle Group

Problem: Carlyle Group’s M&A and Business-as-Usual PMO lacked adequate structure and process.

Solutions: We established an enterprise-wide project management office (PMO) to manage the company’s Business-as-Usual and M&A project portfolio, working with C-level stakeholders across business and technology to develop requirements and build out the PMO. We completed a current-state assessment, gap analysis, governance structure, and committee formation; determined the business and technology architecture; and developed a SharePoint site, process engineering, and change management tools.

Deliverables: New PMO Applications, Acquisition Templates, Process Flow Diagram and Project Plans

Outcome: The company streamlined its M&A and Business-as-Usual PMO


  • “I would like to sincerely recommend Summit Consulting as an exceptional addition to your organization. Summit has been an outstanding consultant and demonstrated the leadership, business acumen, management ability, technical expertise, and oral and written skills necessary to succeed in all that he endeavors.” Senior Executive – Diversified Financial Services Company
  • “Summit helped my team understand and navigate new business requirements stemming from new compliance requirements. I would highly recommend them.”  Managing Director – Global  Investment Manager 
  • “Summit’s ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds was evident while working with political, operational and financial partners.” Senior Project Manager – Real Estate Developer
  • “Summit was able to simplify a complex business problem and as a result develop an efficient solution.” Sr. Vice President – Global Investment Manager
  • “Summit was able to quickly understand our needs and delivered results both ahead of schedule and under budget.” Sr. Manager – Global Financial Holding Company